DN SOLUTIONS Global Standard Vertical Machining Center
DN SOLUTIONS Global Standard Vertical Machining Center Vertical Machining Center  DN SOLUTIONS MACHINE TOOL Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Supplier, Servicing, Supply, Supplies | Promach Machinery Sdn Bhd
High Productivity Global Standard Vertical machining center

Used by numerous customers around the world, the DNM series is a global bestseller that represents the culmination of DN Solutions' fifty years of technology and know-how, and is a market leader with the highest productivity and durability in its class. With DN Solutions' 4th DNM series, you will experience unrivaled reliability.


1. Best-in-class productivity and reliability- Best-in-class productivity and processing area
- Improved thermal displacement performance over previous generations for increased reliability
- Improved rapid performance and axis acceleration-deceleration performance
- Maximized productivity with improved chip-to-chip time

2. Direct-coupled spindle adopted
As a standard feature to improve machining accuracy

- Reduced noise and vibration for improved machining precision
- High-torque, high-speed spindle available as optional feature
- Programmable flood coolant available as optional feature for increased user convenience

3. Multi-Level AWC
- Improved unmanned operation time compared to the Single Level AWC
- Optimal space-saving multi-level stacking system: up to 40 pallets
- Easy to install and maintain locally
- Easy to grasp the current status of the system at glance

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