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Shaping Machine
Model : BH6070
This machine is suitable for shaping plane and formed surfaces. High productivity can be obtained for shaping plane surface, T-slots and dovetail slots, etc, on narrow and long workpieces.
The RAM mechanism of this machine adopts the guide unit with torsion-spring internally fixed. During the RAM movement the cutting tool can be adjusted to an arbitrary position.
The total closed cam-ratchet unit is employed in the feed mechanism and rapid travel mechanism of the table featuring change of feed amounts without stopping the machine during cutting. A disk-type overload safety unit is used.
Owing to the adoption of swivel device with cam-curve groove different speeds can be selected arbitrarily.
Max. Shaping length: 700 mm
Max. Distance from lower EDGE of RAM to table: 420 mm
Max. Travel of table: Horizontal 630 mm
Vertical: 320 mm
Rapid travel of table: Horizontal 0.75 m/min
Vertical: 0.34 m/min
Max. Vertical travel of tool head: 125 mm
Frequency of RAM strokes: 11, 20, 38, 52, 72, 100 times/min
Table feed per RAM stroke
Pawl riding over 1 ratchet tooth: Horizontal 0.07 mm, Vertical: 0.15 mm
Pawl riding over 10 ratchet tooth: Horizontal 0.68 mm, Vertical: 1.5 mm
Tool head (down): 0-0.4 mm
Tool lifting (linear speed): <20 m/min
Motor: 4kW. 960 r/min
Vice measurements
Lx Wx Max. Opening: 240x64x215 mm
Overall dimensions Lx Wx H: 2480x1400x1780 mm
Packing size Lx Wx H: Export 2620x1620x1720 mm
Import: 2620x1650x1720 mm
Net Weight: 2700 kg
Gross Weight: 3300 kg


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