Shanghai Radial Drilling Machine Z3050x16
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The radial drilling machines. Model Z3050x18/Z3050*16, is a universal machine, capable of drilling, counter-boring, boring, reaming, spot facing, tapping and other similar operations. It is widely used in machine manufacturing industry for processing small and medium sized machine parts and also suitable for being used in repair shops.
   This machine adopts strengthen type of spindle so that it increases rigidity of spindle, widens working range and keep it's accuracy stable.

 摇臂钻床型号: Z3050×16 Z3050×18
 摇臂钻床最大钻孔直径 : 50 mm 50 mm
 主轴轴心线至立柱母线距离(最大/最小): 1600 / 350 mm 1800 / 350 mm
 摇臂钻床主轴箱水平移动距离 1250 mm 1450 mm
 主轴端面至底座工作台面距离(最大/最小): 1210 / 310 mm 1210 / 310 mm
 主轴圆锥孔(莫氏): Morse No.5 Morse No.5
 主轴最大行程: 315 mm 315 mm
 主轴转速级数: 16 steps 16 steps
 主轴转速范围: 25-2000 r.p.m 25-2000 r.p.m
 进级量级数: 16 steps 16 steps
 进级量范围: 0.04-3.2 mm/r 0.04-3.2 mm/r
 主电动机功率: 4 kW 4 kW
 机床净重(约): 3500 kg 4300 kg
 机床最大外形尺寸(长×宽×高): 2490×1060×2625 mm 2690×1060×2625 mm
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