Brand CNC Lathe - CK6150B
 Brand CNC Lathe - CK6150B EXAC Brand CNC Lathe Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Mount Austin Supplier, Servicing, Supply, Supplies | Promach Machinery Sdn Bhd
Product Description
  1. The machine adopts ISO international code. Keyboard manual data input, it is also provided with program of power cut off protection and the functions of automatic disgnosis, and with RS232 interface.
  2. Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews. 
  3. Either vertical and horizontal 4-station or 6 -station tool post or gang tools can be selected. The post is located on precision contrite gear with a high repeated positioning accuracy. 
  4. Both chuck and tailstock are supplied with hydraulic or manual type.  
  5. The surface of the bedways is supersonic frequency hardened and precision ground with a long service life. 
  6. Variable spndle speed can be programmed as two rangs, that is high one and low one.

Items CK6150B
Max. swing over bed ø500mm
Max. swing over carriage ø310mm
Width of bed 405mm
Max. work-piece length 750/100/1500/2000/3000mm
Max. turning length 650/900/1400/1900/2900mm
Max. swing in gap  
Length of gap 230mm
Spindle bore ø80mm
Cone hole diameter and taper of spindle hole MT.NO.7
Steps of spindle speed(manual) Variable
Rang of spindle speed 400-1600 rpm (high)
50-400 rpm (low)
Rapid feed for axis Z 10m/min 
Rapid feed for axis X 8m/min 
Max .travel of axis Z 720/970/1270/1970/2970mm
Max, travel of axis X 300mm
Min. input 0.001mm
Tool post stations  4-ways or 6-ways
Tool cross section 32*32mm
External diameter ø75mm
Taper of bore MT.NO.5
Max. traverse 150mm
X/Z motor torque 7.5/10Nm(750~2000) 7.5/22Nm(3000)
Power of main motor 7.5KW
Power of cooling pump 90W
Net weight 2700/3000/3500/4000/4600kg
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