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Slotting machine

Model : B5050

Max. slotting length  :   500mm
Max weight of workpiece  : 2000kg 

1. Vertical planing machine is suitable for vertical planing active surfaces of pars and notch etc. 
2. It runs smoothly owing to it adopts double crank mechaninsm. 
3. The machine operates easily because motion of the working table is driven by electric motor.
4. It has a pump for lubrication and cooling cutting tool and workpiece.

Model :  B5050 

max.slotting length  :  500mm 

Table diameter       :  1000mm 

Cross traverse of work table  :  660mm 

Longitudinal traverse of work table : 1000mm 

Max weight of workplace    :  2000kg 

Distance between tool holding surface and column front  :  990mm 

Range of ram adjustment  :  430mm 

Distance between worktable and the lower side of side : 740mm 

Inclination of tam head(left or right directions) : ±10°deg 

Number of ram strokes(per min)  : 9,12.5,18.25,36,50. 

Longitudinal and cross feeds of worktable(mm.per ram stroke) : 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4,0.6,1.2mm 

Rotary feeds of worktable (min per ram stroke) : 3`,6`,9`,12`,18`,36`dr/per 

Max cutting force  : 16000N 

Rapid traverse motor  : 1.5kw 1440r.p.m 

Main motor : 7.5kw.1400r.p.m 

Coolant pump motor : 0.125kw 2800r.p.m 

Net weight of machine(approx.)  : 10.3t 

Overall dimensions L*W*H  :  3480*2085*3307mm

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